cut out the middleman and connect direct

Why batchseed?

As small scale producers we have experienced the uncertainty of starting production without buyers lined up. We have also become increasingly concerned about supermarkets disconnecting consumers from how food is produced. However spending our weekends stood in the cold at a farmers market trying to change this seemed a bit.... well, inefficient.

So we made batchseed, an online marketplace where you can connect and communicate direct with people who have pre-paid for a share in a batch of your produce.

Money upfront to fund production

Modern food production places all the financial risk on the producer. Could you offer a better price to customers if they shared this risk and paid you some money upfront?

The batchseed model is special because you get some money as soon as a batch is funded and you agree to start production. The system manages payments for you, so if the batch doesn't get reach the required number of shares sold you aren't obliged to produce anything and anyone who has paid will be automatically refunded.

Batches, shares and batchmates

Batchseed is best suited to batch production (the clue's in the name!) but we're not prescriptive. Whether one share is half a pig delivered in 6 months or a pot of jam next week, we enable easy communication and transparency. Our platform provides tools for you to post updates (photos, text and video) direct to the batchmates who have bought shares to support your production.

Updates and content are all part of the deal as batchmates want to hear your story. As passionate farmers, growers and artisan producers it's your story that makes you unique.

Key benefits

  • Secure buyers for your produce
  • Pre-fund production
  • Find new customers
  • Tell your own story
  • Connect direct with batchmates
  • Receive batch requests for new products

Get involved - There's currently no setup fees

We're selecting producers to work closely with and support them getting set-up and selling. We'll be selecting from those who register an interest below. Expressing your interest is without any obligation and simply allows us to understand a little bit about your business. We'll send you further information and arrange a time to show you our system - either an online demo, or in person.

The first producers to get involved will benefit from free sign-up and no ongoing fee. We charge a percentage of the sales from each successfully funded batch. So we're motivated to help you sell as we only make our money when you make money.