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About BatchSeed Ltd

Batchseed Ltd is the company that built and runs the batchseed technology platform offering fairer transactions between food producer and consumer with provenance, education and transparency built in. We have a vision for establishing a direct connection between shoppers and independent food producers from the start of the production cycle, we shorten the supply chain, educate and invest the consumer in each batch of produce.

We have experience selling produce this way. We’ve watched consumers advocate and recruit friends with a shared passion. As a result, we believe there is huge potential for combining secure transactions, social & infotainment.

We're a small team with roots in technology and small scale farming, we're always interested in investment and opportunities to collaborate and increase what we can offer.

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Batchseed Ltd : Trent Lodge, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Glos, GL7 6JN

Registered in England & Wales - Company Number : 10439682