Hebridean Half Lamb Box

From a producer in Oxfordshire

Hebridean Half Lamb Box

From a producer in Oxfordshire

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What is this product?

Hebridean sheep are a hardy breed suited to rough grazing,

This years lambs have been born our land. They were lambed outside with minimal input and lead a very wild life. We then wean them onto a hay meadow after a last cut of hay that is left late for the wildflowers to set seed.

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What will 1 share get me?

Each share in this batch will get you :

  • 2 half legs of lamb
  • 2 half shoulders of lamb
  • Rack of lamb
  • Lamb chops
  • Boned & rolled breasts
  • 1 or 2 packs of lamb mince/cubes

Our lambs are slightly older than supermarket lambs, so cuts may seem a little larger. Joints such as leg and shoulder are halved for easier cooking based on a family of 4-6. They are hung for about a week to develop the flavour slightly without being overpowering.

A Half Lamb is cut and packed in trays similar to how you would expect from a supermarket. It comes in one medium size box weighing between 9 – 12kg and should roughly fit into 1 draw of a standard upright freezer.

The meat will usually be delivered chilled if you have pre-ordered.

We suggest that you freeze it immediately.

We don’t generally supply liver or hearts in the box unless you ask for these as we typically collect these before the meat is hung.

Delivery estimate

3 weeks after all shares are sold